Zombie Mode

ImageAs I sit here at my desk (correction: storage closet with a table) my mind is not on my work. My day starts off with yawning and inevitably it ends with me yawning. I mindlessly watch the clock and almost swear an hour has passed to only then see it has been 4 minutes. After then getting my disappointment under control, I then restlessly wait for 5:30 to hit (watching the clock along the way).

Days such as today, filled with endless boredom that require me to enter a zombie like state, make me wonder what the fuck (pardon my language) I am actually doing with my life. In my young age I should not be wishing the days away, I should be reveling in them and living every moment to the fullest. At least that is what most people say in their stereotypical like manner which only succeeds in making me want to throw them in the naive, oblivious, dimwits pile. How do I even begin to manifest a life such as that?

I work a full-time 7am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday job that I dislike. And outside of work I am a musician/bookworm/artist/writer that ‘occasionally smokes the odd pinner’. If only I could make my personal life my profession, now that would be a life worth living.

But low and behold it is not and probably will not be.



2029703117-1Throughout the past few years I have been writing. I start writing when it is the only way that I can express myself, in secret. I would write as if I was writing to someone, finding comfort in knowing that this non-existent reader could never expose my deepest thoughts.

Only recently have I considered anonymously writing to actual readers. And so I begin my first blog. A blog that will be more of an introduction than anything for anyone who reads this. With that I will explain to you why I called my blog “misguidedsouls”. Mainly it seemed fitting, this a place where I will write down my thoughts, secrets, dreams and fears. I want you to be able to relate to what I write. I want you to become immersed in what is dark, what is light, what is magical and what is real about the things I will write here.

Now here I am, calling out to all you misguided souls out there.