Money Hungry Honey

What today has caused our world to be so money hungry?

This past month has been financial hit after hit. I cannot catch a break.

Still not having had paid my “TAX RETURN” it makes me wonder what will happen if I don’t. I owe $1010 for god knows what? Will I become a criminal because I didn’t pay for the Mayor’s mani pedi? Or because I didnt pay for his assistants facial?

The world has created this fucking system in to which we are all stuck in. There is no escape. You cannot live without money, nor can you even exist without it. It is the controller of all things and everyone in this world. And the people elected to control that money? They are absolutely retarded. It is a clear case of power going to someone’s head.

I receive a pay check every two weeks, on which the government takes off hundreds of dollars worth of taxes. THEN I do the supposed annual “tax return” only to be robbed another $1010 from them. Was it not enough taking the hundreds off my pay checks every two fucking weeks. All my hard work, blood, sweat and even tears gets taken from me piece by piece. They get my money when I am the one putting in the 105 hours of work for two weeks. Only to have a portion of it taken from me? Someone please tell me where the fucking logic is in that?

Where is the logic in the entirety of the government system today? They pretend like they can control people, but in all reality they cannot. How can I believe that they are doing a better job then I could do when we still have major crime (murder, rape, kidnapping, terrorism etc.)? I am not talking about the pot smokers they seem to pay ALL their attention to because it is an easy arrest or charge for them considering the majority of the population probably smoke or grow weed (which happens to be a very beneficial plant, along with hemp which is the richest resource almost on earth yet still remains illegal). Do I think it is a coincidence that the crime rate has rocketed in these past few years? Who knows, but it does show weakness in our “all mighty government system”.

For those who refuse to follow the cattle line, they are deemed “mental” or “crazy” or are simply never heard of again. Who are they to decide that you are mentally unstable or crazy? With this I only scratch the surface of the flaws in our government system in place and could go on for days. Over the past few weeks I have been reaching this revolution about money and how it all comes down to the government systems in place all over the world and how they control us with money.

It certainly is a Money Hungry world. And we are all Money Hungry Honey. How can we not be? It really is our only way to survive.

With this I sign off, and may go participate in some casual marijuana smoking.