Freedom: Are we free, or is that just a fantasy?

It has been a while, but I have finally decided to follow up on one of my previous posts – Success: Your potential worst enemy – with my perspective on freedom.

See I was listening to a song this morning called Loyal Friend and Thoughtful Lover by The Wind + The Wave when the following lyrics were sang:

“My daddy always used to say be careful where you step
Them cracks is gonna break your back, the government’s gonna get
Every cent you ever earn in life, so don’t expect a lot
Eat all the food up on your plate. What you get is what you got.

See, I know life isn’t fair or free”

And it was those lyrics above that prompted me to write this post. So taking the very broad subject of freedom I will attempt to write down my perspective and thoughts. Now freedom has many literal definitions if you choose to search it on google – which I have done. However I find that freedom cannot be defined.

To me freedom is almost like a feeling. Have you ever heard someone say “I feel free.”? I would wonder at what such a feeling feels like and, while thinking upon it, realization dawned upon me that the feeling of freedom is different to each individual. Many factors could contribute to the feeling, like your surrounding environment and situation. I remember very specifically a time when I sat floating in a kayak in a small lake – the sun was shining, the shores surrounding me were covered in trees, the water was calm and a gentle breeze touched my skin. It was so quiet and all that could be heard were the sounds of nature. I took a deep breath inhaling the clean air around me, smelling the trees. There in that kayak there was only that moment, the future and past fell away, my mind was clear, and all I could see was the beauty around me. Then I thought to myself – I feel free. 

Now I want to compare that moment to another. Just this past Tuesday morning I sat outside with a good friend and, while we shared a small (illegal) joint together, we contemplated life. She had to go to work later that evening and I had to fly back to work the next morning. We both shared the weight of obligation on our shoulders. Not wanting to go to the jobs that neither of us enjoy but realizing we need the money. Then adding to the weight of obligation, you feel frustration and sadness settle down on your shoulders as well. Frustrated that the world forces so many of us to deny what we truly want. Sad because your hearts cries for what could be. I know that, just like myself, most of us are trapped in this system.

Supposedly we are free. Yet we are enslaved by money. We are told how we should live, what we can do, and what we can’t do. In order to survive as a human being even with just the most basic needs like food, water, and shelter – you need money. You can’t eat without money, you can’t drink clean water without money (most times), and you cannot provide yourself with a decent shelter without money. The human race has managed to create this complex prison that we all live in, with the government acting as prison guards. Why is it that a small group of people ultimately get to decide and impose rules upon the rest of us? Why is it the corporations such as Monsanto still exist (with government funding) while they poison our food and aim to control the world’s food supply? Why is it that so much of the population complies with these rules and believe that this just the way life is? 

“When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.” ― Nelson Mandela

We live in a world where we literally deny other human beings of the basic right to essentially survive. The fact that hunger, starvation and malnutrition exist so heavily in certain populations is just one example. Or the fact that we continue to kill the planet with our selfish desires, all while failing to save it because ‘it costs money’. How can you place a dollar amount on nature? Something that existed before our race was even alive. We act as if we own the world but in all reality the world owns us. Which is something the government forgets as it continues to neglect the dying environment and focuses all it’s attention on controlling this system we are all basically enslaved in. 

Oh, but don’t forget, we are ‘free’.


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