The birth of another unnamed book – Chapter One: Among the Storm

I wanted to share something I have recently just written. I have this goal in my life to one day write a book. So far I haven’t had much luck, instead I have written several beginnings to books. I tend to meet up often with this lovely individual called Writer’s Block – we’re close friends. Anyways, here it is, chapter number one to the beginning of an unnamed book:

Chapter One: Among the Storm

The air was bitter, carrying a cold dampness that seemed to seep through the warmest of clothing. Clouds suffocated the moons light, leaving the night sky enveloped in darkness. An eerie silence hung in the air, not even the bristling of leaves could be heard. It was the calm before the storm.

Only two could be seen this night, only two who were not seeking the comfort and safety of their homes.


A young man walked along the cliff of the island, awaiting the oncoming storm. The darkness of the night not seeming to bother him as he dangerously walked along the edge. One misstep and he would fall fifty feet into the dark ocean below. Sharp rocks breaching the water’s surface tainting him with the possibility of death. A smirk formed on his face at the thought. Taking a deep breath of the cold oceanic air he embraced and welcomed the adrenaline felt flowing through his veins.

He neared the peak of the cliff that extended out almost fifteen feet, suspended over the vast Pacific Ocean.

And that’s when he saw her.

A woman wearing an all black dress. The length of it flowing well past her feet and over the edges of the peak. It had no sleeves and the pale skin of her arms glowed in contrast against the darkness of the material. The night was cold but she didn’t seem bothered by it as she stood facing the ocean. Her hair was the colour of the forest, a deep green billowing down her back and past her slim waist in thick waves.

The young man stopped at the sight of her and he knew immediately that, like him, she was not mortal. He began to move closer, enticed by the mysterious stranger. Seeming to sense his presence immediately she turned around to face him. Her emerald green eyes taking in his profile as he took another step closer. The deep red of her lips softened into a slight smile and she stared directly into the blue of his eyes.

As he continued to move closer he realized how young she was, most likely around his age of twenty-one. She did not appear to feel threatened by his presence but instead a calm radiated from her.

A sudden strong wind picked up out of nowhere. Causing the bottom of her dress to flutter around her at the same time it tussled the young man’s hair and clothing. It was then that she broke their eye contact and looked up toward the sky. Small bolts of lightning lit up patterns throughout the clouds, shortly followed by loud cracks of thunder. Her hair seemed to slightly hover in the air around her as if she were surrounded by static electricity.

He now stood about five feet away from her, “Who are you?”

She looked away from the beginning storm in the sky and into his eyes. The curve of her lips falling into a sad smile. “I Sir am someone whom should not exist. You should pretend as if you did not see me this dark night.” Her voice was beautiful, almost as if she were singing every word.

Confusion flooded his face, “Why?”

She dropped her eyes to look at the ground, “For the safety of your life and my own.” meeting his eyes once again the woman continued, “I can tell you are no mortal Sir, so you must be aware of the evils that haunt us.”

He nodded his head in understanding. It was those evils she spoke of that he avoided every day, those evils that he hid his existence from. He decided not to pry. “At least tell me your name?”

“Evalynn and yours Sir?”


“Elijah,” his name rang on her lips “I hope you can put the memory of our meeting behind you. Like a dream you can barley recall when you awake from a slumber.” She then turned around and walked to the very end of the peak. And with a small wave of her hand, she walked off the edge.

Frozen with shock Elijah dove to the edge and stared fifty feet down into the water as vicious waves plundered the rock. But Evalynn was nowhere to be seen.

It was then that it began to pour rain, soaking Elijah almost instantly as he dragged himself to his feet. With one last look out to the ocean he headed in the direction he had come from.


I do hope you enjoyed!


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