You don’t choose your name, just what you leave in your wake.

We are all misguided in our own way, each and every one of us. 

We all have that stage in our life where you question everything from your successes and failures to your existence and purpose. Where you wander in the unknown, not knowing how to find your way out. Some will never find their way out because they don’t believe there is one. Some don’t even know they are wandering. But it is those of us who find or create our own escape that will move on in life to do great things. Whether society today thinks it is great or not is of no importance. What makes it great is your feeling of accomplishment, your happiness, the memorable impact you make on others and the influence you leave in your wake.

I was and still am a misguided soul. I have only just found my potential escape from the unknown. And I know you will as well, in your own time.

There is no shame in being a misguided soul.



(title: “You don’t choose your name, just what you leave in your wake.” – lyrics from Father/Son by Wovenwar)

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